Moving to Vegas to Become a Dealer?-Here’s What To Expect in Tips

In the majority of industries if a staff member will be tipped then which employee gets to keep his tips. If you increase your good status amongst your current coworkers and in addition the regulars whom you handle and also you’ve ample skill that you have developed together with the right attitude then you may be certainly 1 of your few those who can literally turn out to be rich from getting the m88 dealer. a dealer may make a new lot of money in tips. In case an web casino has blackjack tables together with players betting $5,000 or even a lot more for each hand then an individual definitely will possibly be capable of earn a lot more cash via tips, even with almost all the pooling with the tips, then you’d simply by dealing with a little casino the place exactly where the highest restrictions could always be $100-$500.

Dealers utilized to keep their own suggestions however many of which would possibly not document these earnings for the IRS as well as that they would severely under-report their particular earnings. As soon As you get yourself a occupation in Vegas like a gaming dealer then it will be all upon reputation. About the other hand anyone could also obtain a high-winning player whom tips you $5,000 after a significant earn and anyone will get to include in which $5,000 to the pool to become split up evenly amongst all of the dealers.

Many those who transfer to Nevada or somewhere else throughout Nevada to be a dealer in a casino tend to be surprised to learn how suggestions work. you may only bring in $50 within tips however, you will actually obtain $120 throughout guidelines simply because all the ideas are usually split evenly among all regarding the dealers as well as all associated with the shifts. A Quantity Of casinos will pool along with split your guidelines across every 1 of the dealers on a particular shift and others casings will pool all associated with the tips via most employees via almost all shifts during a round-the-clock period then disperse the particular tip funds to the dealers upon their particular paycheck.. Throughout order in order to offer with this the particular casinos needed to adjust that they did your tipping. Within Nevada the actual policy will be vastly different.

Regardless of where you commence out with as a dealer within Vegas you need to function difficult and also discover as much while you could which indicates you may eventually move up to much better having to pay dealing jobs. some video games may always be much more lucrative for you to deal such as higher stakes baccarat will often make you significantly a lot a lot more than dealing blackjack with a little local joint.

All the guidelines received through the dealers are pooled with every other then split evenly among most in the dealers. The Particular process may along with really does vary a little bit at each casino yet typically you might expect that all tokes towards the dealers is planning to be split amongst all regarding the dealers evenly.

You might perform the day shift when there’s not much action and in addition you gets not many suggestions when you are generally dealing, but the night shift will be packed with players which tip heavily. A Quantity Of dealers in Vegas earn well over $100,000 each year; however, these dealers aren’t operating the break-in joints like the El Cortez. In case you’ll be in any position to become a dealer, acquire skilled, then perform the right path as much as the glamorous job on the Strip using a high limit tables then you definitely can easily make any lot of money. the dealers were constantly receiving audited from the IRS

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Casino-Gaming :: Magic Wheel, Give Me The Winning Lottery Numbers!

Effectively, there is no lottery numbers that are guaranteed to win you that lottery prize. And this win is pretty much guaranteed. They use what ever systems or tools that are readily available to assist them to predict winning lottery numbers. It arranges a group of numbers into a number of combinations or m88 games which can be the exhausted list of possible combinations of those numbers, or at least majority of the feasible combinations. It enhances the probabilities for you to predict winning lottery numbers and the good results price of winning the lottery. The system has helped thousands of lotto players to win a handsome sum of prizes. A full wheel includes all the feasible combinations that can be created out from the group of your selected numbers. So, if you pick the proper group of numbers, working with a full wheel, your probabilities to win the lottery are virtually assured. Just study on to come across out a lot more.


“Can everyone (or method) give me the winning lottery numbers?”, you asked. Obtaining mentioned that, a complete wheel will be extra pricey as it contains a lot more combinations and offers you the maximum coverage of the prizes.

If I had been you and have a decent price range, I will use the full wheeling technique to give me the winning lottery numbers. Making use of this abbreviated wheel, you will win a lot more prizes even though the amount is smaller sized. In an abbreviated wheel, you will have a fewer mixture of numbers to get. It has been established to be a extremely potent systematic method. In this short article, we are going to speak about how to choose winning lottery numbers employing a wheeling method.

“How does a wheeling system function to give me the winning lottery numbers?” There is basically no magic behind all these. With that, when you buy any of the combination, your winning odds are drastically enhanced. But seasoned and thriving lottery players do not only rely on luck. If you dont have the price range, you could want to pool your funds with your friends or anyone you know to get a complete wheel. An abbreviated wheel includes a minimum mixture of numbers that guarantee a win when a specified quantity of the lottery winning numbers is accomplished.

Quite a few skilled lotto players like to use wheeling program to predict the winning lottery numbers as they are effortless to use and just about guaranteed to win at least one particular lottery prize if you opt for the suitable group of numbers for the wheel.

As an introduction, a wheeling program is a program or approach which produces many doable combinations of numbers. The key set back is that you are not assured of winning a jackpot as the numbers that you cover are rather handful of.

On the other hand, if I have a restricted spending budget to invest on a technique that can give me the winning lottery quantity, then I will contemplate using an abbreviated wheeling system.

There are 2 types of wheeling technique that can predict winning lottery numbers.

As to how I make certain or specific that the wheeling systems give me the winning lottery numbers, its basically pretty basic. You are practically assured to have at least one winning ticket.. Just refer to my resource box where I will unveil a technique that helps to give me the winning lottery numbers 99% of the time. Now, you may ask, “what is wheeling technique and how can it give me the winning lottery numbers?”

The major advantage of an abbreviated wheel is its an economical way to enhance the winning price. A wheeling method merely uses the forces of mathematic to aid growing the possibilities of you winning the lottery

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Mauricio Pochettino plays the long game as reality bites at Tottenham | Football

PPT is the policy upon which Levy has built his tenure, which holds the key to the clubs immediate future and which, it can be said with certainty, has polarised the opinions of the fan base and other figures within the game.

Levy is hardly noted for his public pronouncements but he was forced to address and defend PPT after the summer window, with an element of his fun88 clubs support in mutinous mood, following the Saido Berahino saga and the failure to sign an out-and-out striker to support Harry Kane. But Levy can stare them down with his record. With the Premier League leaders, Manchester City, due at White Hart Lane for Saturdays early kick-off, the focus has sharpened.

In many respects Pochettino is Levys perfect manager for this period. Dele Alli, the 19-year-old midfielder who cost 5m from MK Dons, has been a revelation this season while Son, who is still only 23, has hit the ground running. Football tends to be more enjoyable when a young team succeed; half of the squad is aged 23 or under. It is their most sustained level of achievement since the 60s and, do not forget, the team play out of a ground that generates revenue from only 36,000 seats.

The gap to City and the rest of the established top four seems to have widened and a consequence of Tottenhams summer transfer business and the approach that Levy, through Pochettino, has implemented, which features a heavy accent on youth, is that realism is on the rise.

Pochettino likes to work with hungry, young players, to promote from within, and there is a dynamism about his team when it clicks. Fast.

It has, in turn, raised a series of questions that relate to the clubs ambition in the short term and the levels of expectation. He is flexible and he works with what he is given, without complaint. The club intend it to be ready for the 2018-19 season.

Related: Mauricio Pochettino: Harry Kane is paying price for summer exertions

Take Sir Alex Ferguson, for example, who traded on a few occasions with Levy during his time at Manchester United most infamously, the 30.75m deal that took Dimitar Berbatov from White Hart Lane to Old Trafford in 2008. But elite-level consistency over a 38-game season is another matter altogether.

Pragmatic player trading. The wide attacker, Son Heung-min, who was signed from Bayer Leverkusen for 22m, can provide the back-up. Pochettino has converted the defender Eric Dier and to eye-catching effect.

There does not seem to be the same gun-to-temple imperative for Mauricio Pochettino. Andr Villas-Boas was sacked in December 2013 when it became clear that he was not the man to lead Tottenham into the top four, and Harry Redknapp was dismissed despite finishing fourth in 2012. Going further back, Martin Jol was fired in 2007 after he could not build on successive fifth-place finishes.

Through it all, Levy cuts the divisive figure. That whole experience was more painful than my hip replacement, Ferguson said.

Levy does not forget. Until the new stadium move, pragmatism has to hold sway.

. But they will begin as the underdogs for good reason, and not only because City and the striker Sergio Agero have had the upper hand against them of late.

It was the first time that Levy had made the connection between the recent low net spends on transfer fees [5.7m in this past window] and the funding required for the new stadium it will cost 400m-450m and it seemed to confirm what many fans have long suspected: there will be little or no speculating to accumulate until the stadium is finished. Our pragmatic player trading has been important in the way we have run the business of the club and in getting us to the position where we have now been able to start work on a new stadium the one thing that has the ability to take this club to the next level of competitiveness, Levy said, in a statement.

The profile of signing has changed during Pochettinos three transfer windows, with young, ideally British, talent with potential resale value prioritised. The net spend on fees during his first two windows was zero. In the past six seasons, starting with the most recent, Spurs have finished fifth, sixth, fifth, fourth, fifth and fourth. No new defensive midfielder? No problem. Only Kane up front? No problem. Tottenham, of course, were denied Champions League qualification when Chelsea won the competition. His critics wish that he could push the boat out a little more; to have a real crack at what seems like a glass ceiling above the club. The manager finished fifth in his first season at the club, without ever truly threatening fourth, and nobody can say with any conviction that his team will come in higher next May.

Pochettinos team have proved that on their day at White Hart Lane they can topple the big guns; the wins over Chelsea and Arsenal last season were stand-out moments. It has not been a problem to him.

There was a time when a Champions League finish was the be-all and end-all for Levy and the failure to deliver imperilled his manager. It was a wonderful catch-all phrase, conceived and delivered by Daniel Levy, the Tottenham Hotspur chairman, on 2 September the day after the transfer window closed but one that concealed a vast expanse of nuance.

There was plenty to like about Tottenhams performance in defeat at home to Arsenal in the Capital One Cup on Wednesday and Pochettino wants to see the same tempo against City

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New Jersey allows sports betting

Rachel Ryan, a spokeswoman for the Meadowlands Racetrack said Monday that the track has no plans to offer sports betting now.

A month ago, Christie vetoed a bill that would have pushed New Jersey to circumvent the federal ban on gambling on professional and college sports. Like others, we recognize that legalized sports betting is inevitable, and will be a good outcome for customers, states and the sports leagues. Jennifer Beck, a Republican who represents the area where Monmouth Park resides, said Monday that she would like to see the track begin taking bets as soon as this upcoming weekend, but wants to see the reaction from the sports leagues.

He said he does not expect sports betting to begin until a court rules that it is legal.

“We are reviewing the Attorney General’s directive and the motion filed in U.S. Christie said at the time disagreed with the court decision but feels the law is “sacrosanct.”

The move came hours before Christie was to convene a closed-door summit on the future of Atlantic City. District Court,” William Hill U.S. Supreme Court declining to hear the case.

But those actions ran up against the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, enacted by Congress to restrict betting on sports to a few states.

Dennis Drazin, an attorney and adviser to the New Jersey Thoroughbred Horseman and Monmouth Park, told ESPN in early September that he believes the track could have an operating sports book within three weeks after legalization.

The governor said he took his cue from previous federal court rulings that found that nothing in New Jersey law prohibits the casinos and horse racing tracks from offering sports betting.

The NFL had no comment when reached by Raymond Lesniak, one of the legislature’s strongest supporters of sports betting. Chris Christie’s administration issued a directive Monday allowing the state’s casinos and racetracks to offer sports betting, a move likely to be challenged in court by sports leagues.

Lesniak said he expects the leagues to challenge the move, but predicted: “They don’t have any arguments left to make. State Sen. “People should book their hotel rooms in Atlantic City for the Super Bowl now because there won’t be any available in February.”

The professional football, baseball, basketball and hockey leagues, as well as the National Collegiate Athletic Association, all opposed New Jersey’s effort to legalize sports betting, saying it could give the appearance that the integrity of the games has been compromised.

Information from’s David Purdum and The Associated Press is included in this report. CEO Joe Asher said in a statement. Bets wouldn’t have been taken on games involving New Jersey colleges or college games played in the state.

The U.S. In light of our significant investment at Monmouth Park, we are happy that it appears racetracks and casinos in New Jersey will be taking sports bets sooner rather than later.”

In addition to the directive, Christie also had the state file a motion in federal court asking a judge to clarify or modify a February 2013 ruling that blocks a licensing program New Jersey had passed for sports betting in the state.

Casino executives did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Christie’s action.

Voters in New Jersey overwhelmingly endorsed legal sports betting in a nonbinding referendum in 2011. State lawmakers soon enacted a law to allow for betting at tracks and in casinos. New Jersey missed a 1991 deadline in the law that would have allowed sports betting in Atlantic City.

Monmouth Park, a thoroughbred track in Oceansport, New Jersey, has been outspoken that it will take the lead once sports betting became legal.

N.J. The seaside resort has already lost three of the 12 casinos with which it began this year, and a fourth one is due to shut its doors next week; about 8,000 casino workers will have lost their jobs since January.

“Based on the arguments of the sports leagues and the United States Department of Justice, the 3rd Circuit has already ruled that New Jersey can carry out sports wagering as described in today’s statewide directive,” the governor’s office wrote in a statement. “The motion simply would clarify and formalize that authority and give clear guidance to casinos and racetracks waiting to open a sports pool in New Jersey.”

The governor says sports betting is legal under previous federal rulings as long as wagers don’t involve a collegiate game played in New Jersey or a New Jersey college team elsewhere in the country.

“Victory at last!” said state Sen. Other leagues and the NCAA did not immediately return messages Monday.

The park built a sports bar last year that was designed to be transformed into a sports book quickly if sports betting were legalized.

The move is a turnaround for Christie, who initially seemed resigned to defeat once the U.S. branch of William Hill agreed to be the exclusive provider of sports betting at Monmouth Park, but is taking a wait-and-see approach.

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. This is all over but the shouting.”

“That to some degree will dictate how the race tracks and casinos move forward,” Beck told ESPN.

Christie suggested casinos and tracks could start offering betting immediately, but it’s not clear that will happen. — Gov. Supreme Court declined to hear New Jersey’s appeal in June, saying, “You know, that’s the way it goes.”

His action, through the state attorney general’s office, is likely to be challenged by the professional and collegiate sports leagues that fought New Jersey’s efforts to overturn a ban on sports betting in all but four states. Nevada has allowed betting on sports for more than 60 years, and Delaware, Montana and Oregon have at times permitted more limited betting. “Obviously, this is a significant development.

. That effort ended with the U.S

Sports Betting: How to Bet Parlays

The odds of the payoff are much less than the true odds. Contrast the $36 profit with the $26 profit a bettor winning a $10 point spread parlay on two teams would make.

By Allen Moody

Bettors should stick with straight bets when betting against the point spread or totals as it’s difficult enough to pick one winner, let alone two or more games and the odds you are asked to try and beat are nearly impossible to overcome in the long run.

2 teams 13-5

3 teams 6-1

4 teams 10-1

5 teams 25-1

6 teams 40-1

7 teams 75-1

8 teams 150-1

9 teams 300-1

10 teams 600-1


March 21, 2016.

To put it in simple terms, money line parlays take the amount of your bet and place all of the money on one team and if that team wins, recalculates your bet amount on the next team, again placing your entire wager on that team.

What this means is that a bettor making a wager on a five-team parlay stands to win $25 for every $1 if all of their games win, while a correct eight-parlay will payout $150 for every $1 wagered. The ability to win a lot of money for a small bet is the primary reason parlays are popular with a number of sports bettors.

Money Line Parlays

Money line parlays do not use fixed odds, because the odds of winning vary greatly from team to team. Simply stated, a parlay is a collection of two or more sides or totals that you bet on and all of them must win in order for you to win your bet. The payoffs a bettor will receive should they win are quite different in the two. All of your bets must win, or at least tie, in order for you to win.

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5 Hobbies That Give Your Brain a Workout

There are basic types of parlays, those wagered against the point spread and those wagered using the money line. In parlays involving point spreads, the payoff are fixed, while money line parlay payoffs are determined by the odds of each team.

Point Spread Parlays

The odds on a typical parlay involving point spreads, including totals, are generally something like:

. Should the Cubs also win, the bettor has turned a $10 wager into $46. The chances of the a good baseball team with its ace pitcher on the mound defeating a mediocre opponent are going to be greater than 50 percent and the payout if the parlay hits will reflect this.

For example, say a bettor likes the Los Angeles Dodgers +160 and the Chicago Cubs -130. The difference in the payoff is because the Dodgers were not given very good odds of winning.

Are Parlays Good Bets?

The simple answer is no, especially parlays involving point spreads or totals. For example, the true odds of winning a three-team parlay when making point spread wagers are 7-1, while the payoff is only 6-1, and it gets worse as you bet more teams. If you place a four team parlay, going 3-1 is no different than going 0-4. The true odds of hitting a 10-team point parlay are 1,023-1, while the payoff is generally around 600-1, so a parlay bettor is at a big disadvantage.

Money line parlay payoffs are calculated on the odds of the game, so there is no advantage or disadvantage in playing them.

To read more about parlays, see Parlay Cards, Finding Correlated Parlays or Betting Baseball Parlays.

Sports Betting – How to Bet Parlays

Parlays are by far the most popular of the exotic wagers, as they offer the potential for a big payout from a small wager. If the bettor places a $10 wager, they essentially would have a $10 bet on the Dodgers +160, which will return $26 should the Dodgers win, and then would have $26 on the Cubs -130. While a parlay made against the point spread assumes a 50-50 chance for each team of winning, money line parlays do not

Don’t Bet on It: Sports Gambling in America

They have been steadfast in opposition to the spread of legalized sports betting, most recently with regard to New Jersey’s effort to resuscitate Atlantic City by following the Nevada “sports book” model. There is no reason to think that were Congress to give its consent in a fairly short period of time we would see a “sports book” in almost every jurisdiction. The availability of gambling online makes that easy to accomplish. It is ubiquitous.

We now await input from the commissioners of the football, baseball and hockey leagues.

Gambling on professional sports will go on whatever we do. I would be surprised if the other commissioners follow Silver’s lead, but they will be asked. Alcohol continues to cause much more harm to society than illegal narcotics, but we learned the hard way that Prohibition generated far more problems than it solved. So far, the Rocky Mountain high has not caused Denver to rise about its mile limit. It is a courageous position for a sports commissioner to take. No one has suggested that this fact of the sporting life be abolished, even if it were possible. Once the states impose their regulations and their taxation on this activity, gambling on professional sports in America will be universal.

What then are the chances that the other sports leagues and the politicians will go along with Adam Silver’s proposal? In the short run, I would not bet on it. Adam Silver is right. The sports establishment is vigilant in protecting the integrity of the product, and it will remain so if gambling is legalized, regulated and taxed.

There can be little question that sports gambling is a vice — much like drinking and playing the lottery. Few turn on the games, especially football, without knowing the betting line. To recognize the reality that hundreds of billions of dollars are bet annually — and illegally — on sports is an enormous breakthrough even if the NBA is the only sport to recognize the fact. We are now experimenting with legalizing marijuana for recreational use. Professional sports think that gambling means that their games will not be decided on the merits, that fixers will invade their enterprises and cause spectators and fans to lose interest in patronizing their entertainment businesses. They should come prepared with an answer.

This Blogger’s Books and Other Items from…

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s op-ed in the New York Times calls upon Congress to change the nation’s laws to adopt a federal framework that allows states to authorize betting on professional sports. Of course, gambling depends upon the games remaining unfixed. Perhaps fair-minded individuals will see the proposal for what it is — an effort to respond to reality and minimize some of the unfortunate consequences of having to place bets with a bookie in violation of the law. Only five states do not have a state lottery, but even some of those states have casino gambling. It is time to legalize, regulate and tax it.

Gambling on sporting events is legal throughout most of the world. . Were this to be enacted, state sports gambling would spread like the lottery.

We have entered a new phase of American history where some folks have begun to realize that prohibiting certain vices is foolish or just ineffective. However, we have passed the point of trying to decide whether gambling on sports provides some sort of benefit to society. We will see this trend continue.

How will politicians react to Silver’s proposal? If President Obama likes the idea — he dutifully fills out his bracket each March on the NCAA basketball tourney — then for sure the Republican majorities will oppose any change in the law. At the same time, all team sports have discovered the marketing advantages of adopting fantasy games, some of which approach sports gambling when a participant can chose a new team each week. For some, the greatest joy comes from gambling on the uncertain outcomes of these contests. What Silver has done is to present the issue for public discussion.

Adam Silver’s approach calls for federal legislation that would allow states to decide whether they would authorize sports gambling

Baseball monitoring gambling to protect the sport’s integrity

Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred speaks to reporters during a news conference at Major League Baseball headquarters in New York, Thursday, May 19, 2016.

The Washington Post

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 | 9:13 a.m.

Each night, Major League Baseball games unfold in stadiums across the country, nine innings at a time, pitch by pitch. An ocean away, a network of computers whir, tracking every swing of the bat — and, perhaps just as important, every placement of a bet.

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Mary Altaffer / AP

Why Sports Bettors Should Avoid Parlays

These parlays don’t pay out anywhere near the true odds of your wagers, as I’ll explain below:

We should point out that offshore sportsbooks typically have better odds than Las Vegas sportsbooks, and that every offshore book is different. He specializes in sports betting analytics and has created several popular data-driven betting systems. If you won, you’d stand to earn $264.50 ($100 x 2.645).

Have any questions for the staff at Sports Insights? Utilize our live chat to speak with a customer service representative or e-mail us at

The parlay bet is a lot like Casey Anthony (or Michelle Rodriguez if you prefer), simultaneously very attractive and highly dangerous. Yup, 21 teamer. He can be reached directly at or on twitter at @TheDavidSolar.

Common Mistakes by Novice Sports Bettors

Sports Betting 101: Everything You Need to Get Started.

Additional recommended reading for new bettors:

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For casual bettors and weekend warriors, hitting this type of epic parlay is the ultimate fantasy. As you can see from the chart below, it’s far more advantageous to bet parlays at offshore sportsbooks as opposed to Vegas books.

David Solar has been the Content Manager at Sports Insights for over four years. Suppose you bet $100 on a two-team parlay where the odds of both picks have the standard -110 juice. It’s easy to see why bettors would be tempted by this prospect, but it’s fool’s gold. If any of the bets in the parlay lose, then the entire parlay loses. If we multiply 0.5×0.5×0.5×0.5×0.5 we get 0.03125 or 3.125%. Sportsbook Insider subscribers are able to view parlay percentages along with spread, moneyline and over/under betting trends.

Tons of big winners yesterday. In other words, for every $100 bet you can expect to lose $34.38 as compared to the expected loss of $9.09 for a single bet assuming standard -110 juice. According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board Gaming Revenue Reports, sportsbooks in Nevada boasted a nearly 30% hold on parlays between 1984 and 2015. You’ll never hear sportsbooks talking about the stockpile of losing tickets but, as you can see from the tweet below, they’re more than willing to discuss the winners.

Sportsbooks in Nevada boasted a nearly 30% hold on parlays between 1984 and 2015.

– Dave Mason (@DaveMasonBOL) November 29, 2015. With a flat betting strategy, bettors should wager a consistent amount (typically between 2-4% of total bankroll) on every game.

Consistently betting parlays will cause wild fluctuations of your bankroll, which is why most professional bettors tend to avoid them. Instead of earning nearly three units for those wins, bettors would walk home down one unit. It’s a strong alternative to chase systems, which often require bettors to place massive bets to recoup previous losses.

There are many restrictions about correlated parlays (bets that are tied into each other) and how many wagers can be combined (for example, Pinnacle allows up to ten legs in a parlay), but most sportsbooks use a similar payout formula for parlays. As more and more bets are included in the parlay, the juice continues to rise — especially at Las Vegas sportsbooks.

As it turns out, sportsbooks have made a fortune off parlays for years. Click to Tweet

At a Las Vegas sportsbook, an 8-team parlay pays out at 150/1 which means $20 can quickly turn into $3,000.

Let’s say you’re an unskilled bettor that hits on only 50% of your bets and you want to take a five-team parlay. That means your expected payout would be (.03125 x $2000) – (0.96875 x $100) which simplifies to ($62.5 – $96.875) = -$34.375. Even at offshore sportsbooks, bettors would lose $21.85 for every $100 wagered on parlays.

Flat betting will help you ride the ups and downs of sports investing and overcome the inevitable losing streak. That’s one of the reasons we suggest shopping for the best line before placing a wager.

Note: Odds are rounded to the nearest integer.

The main difference between betting parlays at a Las Vegas sportsbook as opposed to an offshore sportsbook is that most Vegas books don’t offer true odds. However, bettors can sometimes parlay several teams together for massive one-time payouts.

It’s also worth noting that even if your picks go 4-1 on a 5-team parlay, the entire bet would lose. To calculate your winnings with true odds, simply multiply the odds by your bet amount. In comparison, every other major sport has a hold below 5%.

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Parlays are most popular during football season where bettors will oftentimes string together a dozen bets in hopes of striking it rich, and sportsbooks readily play into this get-rich-quick mentality. 21 team $63 parlay hits for $86,796. Even if you’re only hitting 1% of your 8-team parlays it would be a profitable strategy. Parlays allow recreational bettors to turn small wagers into real money. Flat betting may not provide the type of one-time payments that bettors desire, but it’s a smart, long-term strategy used by many professional sports bettors.

Parlay bettors are essentially risking more with a lower probability of collecting, which is why we recommend a flat betting strategy Money management may be the most important discipline needed to be a successful sports bettor, yet it’s amazing how many bettors make irresponsible decisions with their bankroll. None bigger than this guy. But why are sportsbooks so willing to share this information after they’ve lost almost six-figures? It’s because parlays typically provide the house with a larger edge than straight bets. We constantly preach betting against the public, and fading teams that are receiving overwhelming support on parlays is a sure sign of “square” action. For anybody unfamiliar with this bet type, a parlay is a combo bet with two or more wagers linked together

Global Online Gambling Benchmarking Study – 2016/2017 Edition – Research and Markets

- Geographical analyses, such as the level of internationalisation and

geographical diversification.

- Mobile business benchmarks, such as mobile share of total online

business,mobile share of total online casino/gaming business

16 Betting-related benchmarks

11 Research and development

3 Mobile gambling in the spotlight

26 Danish online gambling market

- More marketing benchmarks – Social benchmarks (e.g., number of

Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers, …), SEO benchmarks (e.g., Google

ranking analyses), affiliate marketing benchmarks (e.g., top 30 online

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- Product-related benchmarks, such as product/vertical split,

cross-selling, breakdown of betting revenues by type of sport

- In-depth mobile gambling focus – We have added still more analyses of

the mobile gambling business in order to cover the full range of

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15 Overview, comparison, and growth development

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- Analyses of financial results, such as EBITDA, EBIT, including

comparison of margins.

Part 5 – Player/customer-related benchmarks

Part 6 – Product-related benchmarks

What’s new in the 2016/2017 edition:

Part 4 – Expenses/costs benchmarks

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football bets, casino games, lotto and numbers games

23 Affiliate marketing benchmarking

22 SEO benchmarking – which operators are doing the best job in SEO?

12 Active players/customers

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Part 1 – Online gambling trends and hot topics

9 Marketing

The report offers a comprehensive analysis and benchmarking of key

performance indicators (KPIs), key business figures, relevant margins,

and much more to enable executives in the online gambling industry to

improve both controlling and operations.

Related Topics: Online


Companies Mentioned

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2 Key trends and topics

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25 French online gambling market

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20 Lotto, numbers games, – product benchmarking

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The report offers unprecedented insights into the industry:

Part 8 – Regions and regulated markets analyses

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Negative Effects of Gambling

The effect is similar to that of having a drug or a drink, which is why gambling changes one’s mental state and mood.

Mental and physical health problems, financial issues, and conflicts in the family are among the common negative effects of gambling. To add to the so-called merry atmosphere, gamblers often smoke or drink while playing.

Gambling = Thoughtless Expenditure + Waste of Time

? The costs of treating compulsive gamblers are huge. Thus, gambling can have a grave economic impact which is difficult to reverse.

? Addiction to gambling has been linked with substance abuse. Rehabilitating the gambling addicts needs money and time, and the process is not very easy. Their debt keeps building and it may reach an amount that exceeds their capacity to repay.

You could be at gunpoint or holding the gun. Betting is a mentally taxing activity, and as one goes on risking more and more money, anxiety starts building.

? A majority of those addicted to gambling have substance abuse disorders.

? Gambling can lead to criminal activities. The addiction leads people to continue with gambling irrespective of whether they earn or lose in the deal. Six to eight million people in America are estimated to have a gambling problem.

Compulsive gambling leads to bankruptcy

? According to a study by the George State University, 50% of the problem gamblers commit crime. They tend to stay away from their near ones, resulting in distrust between them and their loved ones.

? Children of parents who are problem gamblers or gambling addicts tend to feel abandoned and angry, further increasing stress and leading to strained family relations.

? The addiction to gambling can leave one in bankruptcy. The two go hand in hand. It soon becomes a habit that can’t be broken.

? Gamblers often exhibit mood swings and a strangely secretive behavior. It only leads to a thoughtless expenditure of money and valuables.

? The stress from gambling may lead to health issues like ulcers, stomach problems, muscle pains, headaches, and problems with sleep.

? An Austrian study said that around 1 in 5 suicidal patients had a gambling problem.

? Studies show that children with a sibling or parent addicted to gambling, are more likely to take to substance abuse.

? Research has shown that gambling can lead to harmful behavior in people. Their mental state can even lead to suicidal tendencies.

? People who fall prey to gambling tend to remain away from their families and waste money on other bad practices. The greed never ends and they keep betting more and more. According to the National Research Council, 10 to 17% of the children of problem gamblers have been abused and so have 25 to 50% of the partners of problems gamblers.

? People continue gambling with the greed of winning money. Thus, gambling practices cause a huge financial burden on the families of the affected and on the society at large.

Games offered in casinos, table games like poker, Red Dog, and Blackjack, as also electronic games like Slot Machine and Video Poker are some of the common types of gambling. On giving a serious consideration to the negative effects of gambling, we realize that it is best avoided.

? According to a research by NCPG, 76 percent of problem gamblers are likely to have a major depressive disorder.

? Additionally, rehabilitation and public assistance systems are taxed.

? They start borrowing money and take secret loans. This proves to be detrimental to their social and family life. Because of this, they land in worse situations and take the wrong decisions in life.

? Over time, the practice of gambling starts becoming a habit and begins to have damaging effects at psychological, physical, and social levels. They engage in gambling activities at the cost of their time with family and friends. It can drag you into crime, gambling isn’t fun.

? As gambling leads to increased criminal activities, in a way, gamblers add to the burden on prisons and the legal system.

? Gambling at the cost of one’s job results in a decline in the quality of his professional life. Due to lost mental peace, they may ill-treat their spouse and children. It causes a decline in his/her work performance, thus hampering his career.

? Apart from absence at work and drop in efficiency, a common observation is that gamblers tend to steal money and engage in fraudulent behavior to recover from financial losses incurred when gambling, or to get more money to bet.

? Similar to how an individual keeps consuming substances like drugs or alcohol to experience an altered mental state, he continues to gamble. The decision to gamble money is based on three parameters namely; how much to bet, the predictability of the event, and the conditions agreed upon, between the gamblers. A study by the same university suggested that 73% of the individuals who are imprisoned are found to be problem gamblers.

? Problem gamblers and addicts tend to abuse their family members. Over time, it becomes a habit, and eventually an obsession that can’t be overcome. When they lose the money they had risked, they further gamble to recover the lost amount and it becomes a vicious circle even they can’t escape from.

? According to the University of New York, in people with alcohol use disorders, the chances of developing an addiction to gambling are 23 times higher.

Gambling refers to the betting of money on an event with an uncertain outcome, with the intent of winning additional wealth. The addiction robs a gambler of all the productive time and leads to loss of efficiency at work. In the following sections of this Buzzle article, we discuss the negative effects of gambling on the individual and society.

Initially, one looks at gambling as a way to run away from life’s problems, or from stress, anger, and loneliness. The stress of risking huge amounts of money or the frustration after losing it can increase the tendency of abuse in gamblers. The addiction gets on to the gamblers to such an extent that they fail to think wisely before acting. Sports betting and arbitrage betting are the other types. The National Council of Problem Gambling (NCPG) describes this type of gambling behavior as problem gambling.

? Substances of abuse are served at casinos and in pubs and clubs, thus increasing the likelihood of gamblers consuming them. The addiction has negative effects on one’s physical and mental health and it proves to be detrimental to one’s social, personal, and professional life. Some take to substance abuse to supplement the high they get from winning huge sums while gambling. Card games, coin tossing, and dice-based games are some non-casino based forms of gambling. Forget satisfaction or peace, it is not even refreshing in the real sense. ? Gambling has proven to be addictive. The skill of a gambler lies in weighing the three parameters and making a decision about what amount should be staked and how much should be expected in return.. Addiction to gambling, coupled with substance abuse can make the gamblers physically abusive towards their family. In spite of the losses incurred, they continue betting. A recreational activity is supposed to be refreshing and relaxing, but something like gambling is contrary to the very purpose of recreation. Some go that way to forget the sorrow of losing big sums when gambling.

? Gambling is practiced as a means of recreation

Online Gambling – The Games by Kenneth Bateman

Among the most popular poker games to play online are:

Video Poker

Online Gambling – The Games

 by: Kenneth Bateman

Poker . In Keno a computer randomly selects numbers from a group of eighty and the player must guess which group will be chosen.


Poker entails examining your hand and guessing what your opponents have. Bets are based upon which slot the ball will land when the wheel stops spinning. Low house edge is of advantage to the player.

- Seven Card Stud

Online casinos offer a multitude of gambling game options designed to appeal to the adventurous or the conservative player. The right combination of symbols must be aligned with the payline in order to win. The shooter is a winner if point is made on follow up rolls. If a seven is rolled before point is made, the shooter loses. In poker you are playing against other players, and not against the house. Keno is one of those games, and is really the casino version of a lottery draw. Bingo!

Slots are the most popular of the no skills required online casino games, and is a veritable cash cow for the casinos, with the odds firmly stacked in favor of the house. The slot machine’s reels are lined up on what is known as a payline. Blackjack is played against the house, and not other players.

- Caribbean Poker

Played against the casino’s software and not against other players.



- Texas Hold ‘Em (by far the most popular)

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A small, marble-like ball is placed into a spinning wheel that has red and black numbered slots. If the symbols are not aligned in a winning combination, you lose.

- Omaha

Also known as “twenty-one” as the cumulative total of the face value of the cards cannot exceed twenty one to win. Among the many sub-categories of betting on roulette are: betting on which color the ball will land, betting on any one of the three columns on the roulette table, or betting on a specific set of twelve numbers.

The total value of two dealt cards must not exceed nine. A two, three or twelve is an automatic loser on the come-out roll.

- Joker’s Wild


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- Jacks or Better (most popular)

- Pineapple

- Deuces Wild

As you would expect, games of pure chance, with no skills required by the player offer terrible odds. The hand with the total value closest to nine wins. Slots are composed of spinning reels with an assortment of symbols on each reel. Face cards are valued at ten and aces at one or eleven at the players option. There are countless books and online sites detailing game rules, strategies, etc., and it is suggested the player take advantage of these before attempting to play for money.

Literally thousands of betting options. Shooter must roll a seven or eleven on the come-out, or first roll to win or establish a point.

Eleven balls are drawn from a pool of thirty. The following is an overview of some of the more popular online games, both multi-player and single player, and is not intended to be a tutorial

CNN – Gambling online? You bet!

That figure exaggerates the size of the Internet gambling sector, since some companies operate more than one online betting parlor. Attorney White has proceeded slowly and quietly. Says Opel, “Bringing in the big names and established companies only adds credibility and visibility to what we’re already doing.”

Is it legal?

A few hurdles have to be cleared before such ventures can take off – beginning with the federal government. Their case is based on the 1961 Wire Act. “I wager on football games and usually bet in the neighborhood of $1,000 every weekend. Tony Cabot, an attorney specializing in gaming issues, says flatly, “When you see Kerry Packer get together with Microsoft, you have to believe there is a future for this type of wagering.”

So how is it that these companies appear to operate legally, but a dozen Caribbean cowboys found themselves under felony indictment?

Does the seeming invincibility of online gambling make it an enticing business? Jason Ader of Bear Stearns, urges caution. Says Sinclair of Christiansen/Cummings: “You are going to feel more comfortable wagering with a Hilton than you will with Joe’s Casino.”

First, legislation should treat physical activity and cyberactivity in the same way. The minimum amount to begin an account varies. In 1998, the Senate passed, by a large margin, an amendment prohibiting Internet gambling, but that bill died before becoming law. Failure to account for that specificity in legislation could stifle the Internet’s growth or chill its use as a communications tool. But following a 1997 indictment, the state of Missouri settled a suit against the company and its president, Michael Simone, for about $35,000. O’Brien observes in Bad Bet, his comprehensive account of America’s gambling industry, “Judging by dollars spent, gambling is now more popular in America than baseball, the movies and Disneyland combined.”

If such gamblers are not satisfied by options available to U.S. In most cases, this means operating out of Australia. And for sports bettors – who make up a majority of online gamblers, according to industry insiders – the ease of using cyberbookies can’t be beat. As Timothy L. Estimates range from $650 million to $1 billion a year, worldwide – a tiny fraction of the amount spent on more traditional formats. That makes for an Internet gambling environment too porous for U.S law enforcement to plug. Would-be wagerers open an account with a credit card, although some sites also accept cash and cashier’s checks. 474, introduced into the Senate by Arizona’s John Kyl in 1997 as the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act. “And it is possible that records could be subpoenaed of various banks where these companies maintain accounts.”

That partnership leads many observers to believe that an online casino – using Microsoft platforms, of course – is in the works. Blackjack players can very easily count cards, or even consult odds charts; the site actually has a printable chart showing the best strategy for every possible hand of blackjack.

But over the last several months, at least some traditional casinos have pursued the time-honored strategy of joining an Internet gambling trend that they can’t beat. citizens, it will be increasingly tempting for them to turn to locations abroad. FBI agents placed bets on games – uniformly National Football League matches, although many other options are available – and followed up, whether they won or lost. But according to Inland CEO Don Speer, elusive profits need not be one of them. “We get daily reports, and you’ll see these people who spend a couple of hours gambling, and the total amount they bet is like $1.81,” says Thomas Holmes, Inland’s head of technology. If an activity is prohibited in the physical world but not on the Internet, the Internet becomes a safe haven for that criminal activity. About 2,000 years later, Bugsy Siegel took the concept a step further and built the Flamingo Hotel in the desert town of Las Vegas. One of Microsoft (MSFT)’s less-publicized adventures is Ninemsn, an Australia-based Internet service to which Bill Gates has pledged tens of millions of dollars.

Finally, the DoJ believes that any federal law must recognize that the Internet is different from other communications media: It’s a multifaceted communications medium that allows for both point-to-point transmission between two parties (like the telephone), as well as the widespread dissemination of information to a vast audience (like a newspaper). Even the firms that have enjoyed some stock-price popularity – such as – have shaky fundamentals.

Internet Gambling Worldwide, Past and Future

But even if Congress comes up with the best-crafted legislation in history, there are significant factors beyond its control. The Internet is presently unregulated and we support a federal law regulating Internet gambling.”

Running an online casino carries all the usual challenges of Internet businesses, from low click-through rates to servers that fail. … (The company’s Indian casino and Web-development divisions make more.) “This is the really exciting point, because I know where it goes from here,” Speer said in an interview.

It’s not because they operate in any fundamentally different way. For one thing, gambling from one’s home allows for a variety of techniques that would get one tossed out of a regular casino.

The original version of Kyl’s bill failed most of these tests. (The company did not respond to repeated requests for an interview.)

Group calls for regulation of Net gambling

For years, another barrier to the growth of Internet gambling has been strong opposition from those most threatened by gambling sites: legal American casinos. Legislators have considered enlisting Internet service providers to patrol for undesirable sites, although Internet gambling insiders consider that proposal dead on arrival. Her higher-ups in the Justice Department appear to agree. White’s hesitancy suggests that the law may not be as solid as she thought when she indicted. In November 1998, for example, a division of Hilton Hotels acquired the company that runs Centrebet, a Web and telephone sports-wagering system based in Australia ( Like the Communications Act passed in the 1930s, technology has now leapfrogged the law. “Federal legislation will make it difficult but not impossible for Internet gamblers in the U.S. Casino games are available on a site or via downloadable software. A Ninemsn spokesperson says that the site does not now offer online gambling and would not comment on future plans. “I use the service because it’s convenient and I have access to it when I want,” says one online gambler. Aruba, for one, is refusing to extradite any indicted individuals to the U.S., and thus far the U.S. Today, a roster on one “gambling portal” site lists well over 200. But the travails associated with fending off lawsuits have essentially put the company out of business.

Similarly, the Las Vegas-based public company American Wagering, owner of Leroy’s Horse and Sports Place in Nevada, also operates a sports gambling site located in Canberra called MegaSports (

Today, Americans spend some $600 billion a year on legal gambling, making it by far the favored national pastime. He claims Inland’s Internet gambling business went slightly into the black in March, on annualized revenues of about $1 million. If, on the other hand, an activity is in the physical world – betting on horses, or casino betting with Indian tribes – it becomes subject to federal criminal sanction when it occurs in cyberspace. Anyone over the age of 18 can set up an account with Centrebet and place money on a variety of worldwide sporting events, including U.S. In January, MegaSports began taking Internet bets from Australians; it expects soon to allow global gambling on sporting events. attorney for the Southern District of New York, indicted 14 managers of six Internet companies for offering gambling on their sites.

Gambling is as at least as old as Christianity (that is, if Ben Hur can be trusted). “Since there are no controls at present regarding Internet wagering, I would urge investors to shun these firms at present,” he says. One major barrier to profitability is the law. One Australian state, Queensland, is already awarding licenses for online gambling, and others may follow soon. Packer is a man with a voracious gambling appetite. “Ultimately, Internet gambling operators are selling a product.

Although it uses a CryptoLogic template similar to several other online casinos, may be unique in letting bettors wager as little as a penny at a time.

The amount spent on Internet gambling is harder to calculate. Bets generally range from $1 to as much as $300.

More than a year later, however, no cases have come to trial, and nine defendants have accepted plea bargains for state misdemeanor charges with no jail time. “The telephone is being used to facilitate these wagers and I believe the government has a solid case,” explains Tony Cabot, a Las Vegas-based gaming lawyer and author of a book on Internet gaming. has had little cooperation from any other nation. to gain access to offshore sites,” says Sebastian Sinclair of Christiansen/Cummings. They almost always include slots, blackjack and video poker, but many sites carry more exotic games, from baccarat to pai gow. attorney’s case involved the casinos’ sportsbooks. The Justice Department doesn’t think that online casinos (including those that offer gambling on sports events) can legally conduct business in the United States, even if they are based in places where gambling is legal. According to an analysis by Sue Schieder of Rolling Good Times, the online gambling magazine, the new legislation would not punish the casual bettor. attorney’s office theoretically operate out of the Caribbean. The American Gaming Association, a trade group of gaming firms, maintains this view regarding online wagering: “The industry has been state-regulated and we think it should remain that way.

All the sites indicted by the U.S. The Wire Act obviously has no mention of wagering over the Internet. . In a highly publicized March 1998 “raid,” Mary Jo White, the U.S. That may suggest that, as some legal observers have argued, the 1961 federal Wire Act is too old and too loosely written to prohibit online gambling. For decades, Vegas was about the only legal option for gamblers. Even the precise number of online casinos is hard to calculate.

Is Microsoft betting too?

The potential action is too compelling for even the largest tech tycoons to resist. Kyl introduced a revised version earlier this year, removing some of the more onerous and hard-to-enforce provisions. “Think about what would happen to Wal-Mart (WMT), General Motors or Microsoft if these companies had to continue to dodge federal roadblocks to access their customers,” says Sebastian Sinclair, senior associate at Christiansen/Cummings Associates, a management consulting firm. Nor would it prohibit online fantasy sports leagues, online lotteries in states where they are legal, or online betting on any live horse race where it would otherwise be lawful to wager.

Second, legislation should be technology-neutral.

But the growing acceptance of online betting and the Internet’s inherent ability to shatter jurisdictions bring the inconsistencies of American gaming law to a boil. Legislation tied to a particular technology may quickly become obsolete and require further amendment. The Standard obtained a Department of Justice analysis of the bill S. Inland, for example, operates two Web sites in addition to the one bearing Kenny Rogers’ likeness: and

But a hard-core base will continue to turn to Internet betting for its clear advantages. The vast majority of customers will satisfy their demand for commercial gambling through less onerous and risky alternatives, such as lotteries, bingo, pari-mutuels and casinos.”

You might think that the prospect of competing against the likes of Microsoft would terrify a $20 million company like Inland. His equal partner is Australian tycoon Kerry Packer of the Crown Casino in Victoria. The defendants, many of whom live abroad, were threatened with up to five years in prison and $250,000 fines. At one point, Interactive Gaming looked like it could be an industry leader. Passed during the term of crime-fighter Attorney General Robert Kennedy, the law was intended to outlaw betting over telephone lines. I’ve not had problems being paid.”

The office of U.S.

Prosecutors focus on sports betting

Intriguingly, though, all the bets that make up the U.S.

Take Interactive Gaming and Communications, another publicly traded company, located in Blue Bell, Pa. (However, an HBO sports program attempted to locate one of these ventures in Aruba, and ultimately found that the genuine server was in a residential neighborhood in Bethlehem, Pa.) And the Caribbean nations would like to keep their haven status. In the ’70s, Atlantic City legalized casino gambling; in the ensuing decades, state lotteries, Indian casinos, gaming ships, offtrack betting parlors and card clubs have sprouted across the landscape. But they say the more bettors, the better. Together, these sites have about 4,300 registered customers in 96 countries around the world. college and professional sports.

The prosecutors’ focus on sports bets appears to stem from legal precedent in the law they relied on. In 1997, published reports put the total number of operating online casinos at 15. But as more and more traditional firms become involved, the consumer will look for the brand name. Almost all online gambling sites work the same. Justice believes that any legislation addressing criminal misuse of computers or computer systems (including the Internet) should have three vital characteristics. Why should it be legal to bet online on a horse race in another state, but not legal to bet on a basketball game in one’s own state? If Native American tribes can establish new, legal, physical places where adults can gamble, why shouldn’t someone be able to do the same in cyberspace?

Nonetheless, some experts think the case could be made to stick

Assessing The Value Of Your Sports Trading Cards

By doing a search on Google, you’ll be able to get a listing of all online card traders clubs and forums you can join and learn about such knowledge. That in turn can help you plan your own baseline selling price next time.

But regardless of which option you choose, do bear in mind that such value estimates are highly subjected to the condition and maintenance of the cards concerned. 2 of the main magazines are Beckett and Tough Stuff.

Article Directory: Members are often able to give you quotes on the spot and who knows? You might even get a good offer for your card.

(1) Ebay Auctions

Even though both demand and supply has the same important part to play, looking at the buyers’ market is the fairer way to determine the current “market value”. While doing so, it’s vital to go by what buyers are offering instead of the price sellers are asking for. Such periodicals tabulate current book values of the most popular range of single cards and sets and can bought off newstands at about $4-5 per copy. Both give you value estimates based on the production year of the sets from different different card companies with the latter covering on almost every set that are issued for all major sports.

By: Guillermo Summers

(3) Trading Card Clubs & Forums

Chances are, if you’ve been collecting sport trading cards for some time, one of the mind boggling questions that probably bugging you is this : how do you determine the value of your card collection? In other words, how much can you fetch for the stacks of baseball, football or wrestling trading cards lying in your cabinet?

Although most sports card collectors are usually fans of the game as well, some are actually into the card collecting hobby for the potential profit they may reap from the trading. So, in case you don’t get the price that’s stated on the periodicals, don’t go back to your newstand vendor or book store and start asking for a refund!

If you’re more interested to know the “book value” for your cards, depending on the amount of money you want to spend and the depth of the details you want to know, there are avenues for you to check that as well.

(2) Monthly Magazines & Price Guides

Here are 3 simple and effective ways commonly used :

For a start, you can check this via the monthly trading card magazines. Besides, it’s also gratifying to know a bunch of people who share the same interest as you, isn’t it?

A relatively fast way to know how much people are willing to pay for your particular card is to do a search on Ebay auctions. Therefore, it certainly doesn’t hurt to know the methods that you can use to assess this, even if you’ve no intention to sell off your collection now.

Learn about daisy tree and daisy varieties at the Types Of Daisies site.

Last but not least, just go asking around. The number of bids, depending on the base price set by the seller can also help you determine if the card you’re holding is “hot” or not.

Suppose you’ve got a bigger budget, go for the $10 paperback or the $40-50 price guide